Kasia's Crochet Blanket for Alicja - Version 2

Kasia's Crochet Blanket for Alicja - Version 2

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Due to popular demand for this amazing blanket by Kasia (@kasiajacquotembroidery) I have popped up some kits so you too can use the same yarn and colours that Kasia used to create her crocheted blanket or her niece Alicja. In this version I have changed the colour Cardinal to Amaranth and Palmwood to Olive  

Kasia made a version of the by the Sunburst Granny Square and used the following YouTube tutorials by Play Hooky With Me to create her fabulous squares.

Play Hooky with Me - YouTube

Kasia joined her squares later by crocheting them together and used a 3.5mm crochet hook throughout.

Each square measure approx. 10cm x 10cm / 4" x 4" and Kasia used the fabulous Viva 4 cotton by Rosabella Threads a 4ply/fingering weight cotton.

In this kits is included 150g of the following colours : Ginger, Amaranth, Olive, Slate and Coffee and 100g of the colour Ivory.

All photos of the blanket are courtesy of @kasiajacquotembroidery