Nomad Noos - Sheep Goes Bananas - 4ply / Light Fingering

Nomad noos 'Sheep goes bananas' yarn comes from a sheep called Bhyanglung sheep. These sheep live in Nepal above 2500 m and are generally found in the rain shadow areas of the inner Himalayan valleys of Northern Nepal, close to the Tibetan border.

This wool has a tougher appearance due to its sturdy wool hairs. This yarn is then blended with banana fibre to give it a shiny aspect and a softer touch. This yarn is artisanally spun in a small workshop in Kathmandu. It also gives a beautiful heather colour after dyeing because both animal and plant fibre react in a different way to the colour.

 *** Nomad noos yarns are handspun by qualified spinners and hand dyed by qualified dyers, using ZDHC dyeing colours.

BLEND: 50% Banana Fibre and 50% Nepalese sheep wool
YARN WEIGHT: Light Fingering / 4ply 
SKEIN LENGTH: 400 meteres / 437 yards

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