mYak Ra-Ku Collection - Fiocco di Cashmere - Medium

Cashmere goats are raised in an extremely wide area that stretches from Afghanistan to the central Asian republics and Mongolia, but the most noble of all cashmere comes from Tibetan goats. Tibetan cashmere goats are raised in the semi-wild by nomadic people, according to thousand-year-old tradition and in harmony with the delicate ecosystem of the high altitude grasslands. Their undercoat is made of long staples (which ensure the yarn is strong and the final products averse to pilling) and of an extreme softness.

mYak Tibetan Cashmere is a fibre over 36 mm long and with a gauge below 14.5 microns, characteristics that make it a yarn of absolute excellence. The yarn is spun with the perfect balance of ease to allow the yarn to bloom while still securing the fibres. This is truly the world’s most refined cashmere.

BLEND: 100% Tibetan Cashmere
10ply / Worsted
: 50g
: 117m / 128 yards

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