Lykke Driftwood 6" Crochet Hook and Tunisian Crochet Hook Sets and Separates

Made of strong birch wood, the LYKKE driftwood crochet hooks are very smooth and light. With their warm character, the LYKKE driftwood crochet hooks are easy on the hands and the eyes and are a true pleasure to work with. All LYKKE driftwood 6" crochet hooks have both metric and US sizes etched on the needles to ensure long-term readability.
Lykke's beautiful crochet hooks are handcrafted and assembled in a scenic region of Kathmandu, Nepal. Their production routines do not rely on mechanised automation. Instead, their products benefit from the skilled and graceful human touch of our skilled Nepalese craftspeople. As global demand is increasing for their products, this community of skilled workers is growing too, expanding their output capacity.
Lykke is happy and proud to support the growth and development of the local economy in Nepal. Revenue from the sale of LYKKE Crafts products also serves to Make Happy in that community through varied benefit programs for the workers, their children, and the community.
Lykke appreciate and value the opportunity to employ this growing community of skilled craftspeople in Nepal and happily embrace the natural, human pace of production. We thank LYKKE Crafts' customers for their patience, consideration and support.
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