Samon, Sand Ripples Shawl Yarn Kit


I Love Eri's description below in Eri's words of where the inspiration for this this gorgeous Samon shawl pattern came from. Eri writes ;

"Samon means in Japanese ʻsand ripples’.
I made a pattern based on the story of Mongolia and Nepal told by Nomadnoos.
The first story was the desert.

The wind blows over the desert, leaving a pattern.
And the camels walking there.
That image came to me.

I wanted to express the sand pattern on a shawl, so I decided to make this shawl.
The blue line is an oasis that appears in the desert.

This camel thread was a neat thread.
It is a thread that has just the right softness and crisp beauty."

Samon is a pi circle shawl knitted in one piece from the centre to the outer edge. The design exists in 1 unique size but you can stop knitting whenever you want!

Choose the colour/s you like most from the Nomad noos Dry Desert Camel range and happy knitting!

The Samon Shawl pattern by Eri is only available in the "Treasure Knitting" publication which is available below.

Yarn : 5 skeins in MC and 1 skein in CC in Nomad noos Dry Desert Camel. (Eri used Gobi Desert as the MC and Deep depth of seas as the CC).

Needle : 4mm/ Us 6 circular needles 60cm / 24" or longer.

(All images of the Samon Shawl are courtesy of Eri).

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